Nature Of The Beast

by James Jones and the Kool-Aid Killers

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released 03 June 2013



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Track Name: Nature Of The Beast
Nature Of The Beast

[Bm] I’ve got an animal heart
[D] And a digital mind
[A] On the road to hell
[Em] It’s the perfect ride

Cause now we’re
[Bm] We’re all getting Jacked (in)
[D]The sea is black (and)
[A]We fall in line, To
[E]Witness the seventh sign
[G] Now It’s up to us, to save our skin
[Bm]Guilty of, a mortal sin
[G]Crying out to heaven, It’s killing [E]me, me so I’ve.

[Bm] I’ve been hoping, [A]I’ve been dreaming
[E] Diving deep for the hidden meaning
[Bm] To finally find we’re [A] all just chemis[E] try
[Bm] Blacking out the [A] bedroom windows
[E] To see the world through the digital glow
And [Bm] waste away, a [A] pawn of our [E] conceit
Is the [G]nature [A]of the [Bm] beast[A] [E] x2
[Bm] Join the revolution
[D] Don’t be left behind
[A] ] Corporate evolution
[Em] Of the human mind
And it’s
[Bm] It’s Killing Main Street
[D]Like a heart attack
[A]You want to stop the pain
[E]But there’s no going back

Track Name: New Religion
New Religion - A song about creating your own future.

Capo 2

[Am][G] x4 -------Verse 1--------
Twisted are your thoughts, Dirty as your soul
I’m taking threads of black, Spinning them to gold
You will lick my wounds, I will drink your wine
[Am] I can [G]stop the [F]clock
When you’re [G]running out [Am]time[G]
You’re running out of [Am]time.[G]
-------- Chorus -------
[F]I will [C] make it someday
[G] Reaching up to the sky [Am]From the under [F]ground
I will [C]make it someday
[Dm]From this prison, [Em]A new relig[F]ion

[Am][G] x4 ------Verse 2-------

If you stop to think, It drains you dry
If you dare to blink, It passes you by
You just stumble ‘round, and you waste my time
Hungry for a break, And waiting for a sign
You’re waiting for a sign
{Guitar Lead Break}
[F]I will [C] make it someday
[G] Reaching up to the sky [Am]From the under [F]ground
[C]I will make it someday
[Dm]From this prison
[Em]A new relig[E]ion
Track Name: Knock Knock
Knock, Knock
[Em][C][Dsus4] x4

[Em]I have [C]never been, [D]the joker and the [Em]fool
Aways the [C]king of hearts [Dsus4]breakin’ all the [Em]rules
I guess I [C] threw you out, [D]like any other [Em]card
Full of [C]blind ambition, [Dsus4]shooting for the [Em]stars

But now it’s [Am]eeeew, [D]eeew
I [Em]wish that you were here
Crying [Am]eeeew, [D]eeeew,
I hear a

[Em]Knock, knock, knock in the [C]night, night, night
[G] Twisted up inside [D]
[Em]I Feel the knock, knock, knock in the [C]night, night, night
[G] Its got me terrified [D]
[Em] By the, knock, knock, knock in the [C]night, night, night
[G]And burning like a [D]flame
[Em]I feel a, knock, knock, knock in the [C]night, night, night
[G]Calling out your [D] name
Calling your [Em]name

[Em][C][Dsus4] x4

[Em]I jump two [C]steps ahead, [D] and one be[Em]hind,
Balanced [C]on the wire, [Dsus4]Walking on the [Em]line
You have a [C]hold on me, [D]I must con[Em]fess
And every [C]night I feel, this [Dsus4]pounding in my [Em]chest

And I cry, [Am]eeeew, [D]eeew
I [Em]wish that you were here
Crying [Am]eeeew, [D]eeeew,
I feel the...
(Lead Break)